Rate vote Joomla Plugin

Rate vote is the Joomla rating or voting component that gives you a substantial amount of functionality that no other solution can offer!.The "Rate vote" plugin created by uniquescience.com is the evolution of the default Joomla rating system. The plugin is an based on AJAX technology to seamlessly process your visitor/registeruser/administrator/editor/publisher to rate votes on your articles (content items) without reloading the page. It's probably the coolest way to add rating functionality to your website.

1. It allow you to manage article rating any where in article.
2. Admin can manage the whole process, set default rating to all article.
3. Admin can set individuals rating.
4. Admin can set rating access level(Everyone/Only registered users/admin/guest/publisher..) on article.
5. Admin can change ratevote box according to site theme.
6. Admin can manage rate vote range like 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 for rating or voting.
7. Admin can place ratevote box any where in article with the help of editor.
8. Show Rate vote in numeric on article.
9. Delete ratings in the backend
10. Enable/Disable ratings in the backend

Price: $ 9 only.

Note: Free support for this application.

Rate vote Joomla Plugin
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